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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help you with any questions you may have

  • Our clinic has many features to offer our patients including the latest and advanced dental technology to make your visit as comfortable and successful as possible. We offer TV or music of your choosing during the procedure to make the appointment as carefree and enjoyable as possible. Our website also offers an online booking for your convenience and text or email notifications so you never miss an appointment. Additionally we make checking in at your appointment easy with tablets to fill out your personal information with ease.

  • To book an appointment you can visit our website online and book an available appointment of your choosing. If you prefer calling you can simply phone our office where you will speak with one of our amazing staff members who will book the most convenient appointment for you. 

  • Yes, we have free on-site parking directly in front of our clinic for your convenience.

  • Yes, at Star Dental we provide accessibility throughout our entire facility.

  • To reschedule an appointment simply call our office and our friendly staff will reschedule at your earliest convenience. 

  • Yes, we offer many TV and music options of your choosing during your appointment with noise canceling bluetooth headphones for optimal listening. 

  • Yes, we offer all patients free wifi during their visit.

  • Yes, we provide both text and email reminders for all appointments, with the option to opt out of such reminders if that is your preference. 

  • Yes, we offer additional seating in all rooms in order for caretakers or guardians to stay present during appointments if they wish.

  • Yes, children are always welcomed at star dental. We know how scary the dentist can be for children, especially first visits. During their appointment our kind and patient staff will explain everything to make your child as comfortable and happy as possible. We also offer children’s TV during their visit and chairs in all rooms so you can stay with your child every step of the way.    

  • Please bring a form of personal ID and insurance papers if applicable. You can also fill out your personal information before your appointment to make your check in faster. If you haven’t filled it out no problem, you can fill it out upon arrival on one of our tablets.